SF Clear Safety

SF Clear Safety and security interior window films feature exceptional clarity, low reflectance and high levels of UV protection. A full range of film thicknesses include 4, 7, 8, 12 and 15 mil ensures the appropriate protection solution.


SF Clear Safety Interior Window Film Products provide:

>> Increased protection from glass shattered by impact, blast, crime or natural disaster
>> Superb optical clarity for no compromise vision >> 99% UV block to reduce fading and sun damage


Avery Dennison has over two decades of experience in developing and manufacturing multi-laminate safety and security window films, designed to protect people and property against flying glass shards from a wide variety of hazards and threats.

Avery Dennison’s safety and security films are suitable for building codes and insurance policies that often demand glazing that meets certain safety standards such as impact-resistant glass in schools to break-in or blast protection for retail locations.

Avery Dennison’s safety and security interior films have outstanding optical clarity and cleanliness – the result of top grade polyester, our proprietary transparent adhesive, and tight adherence to demanding ISO 9001 quality-assurance standards.