R Silver X Poly

Avery Dennison’s R Silver 20X Poly exterior window film performs similarly to the R Silver X group, except that R Silver X Poly is engineered for installation on polycarbonate and other rigid plastic substrates. Check with your installer if this film is suitable for your window glazing system. The product is available in 20% VLT.



Avery Dennison’s reflective range of exterior window films provides a strong visual statement that delivers excellent comfort and immediate energy efficiency that translates to reduced cooling costs. Exterior Reflective films provide daylight privacy and are compatible with most glazing systems. Exterior installation is conveniently non-disruptive and is especially suitable for commercial projects where maintaining ongoing business activities is important. All XTRM window film products require installation by specially trained, certified XTRM window film installers.

Avery Dennison’s Reflective exterior films are popular for commercial projects thanks to their exceptional appearance, impressive heat rejection, and outstanding durability backed by a limited extended warranty.