R Silver 20 Safety

These R Silver Safety Reflective interior window films combine the reinforced protection of security laminates with superb heat rejection, UV block, and a sophisticated appearance. Available in 20% VLT, the R Silver Safety range of film thicknesses includes 4 and 9 mil to provide the appropriate solution for different security threats.


R Silver 20 Safety Interior Window Film Products provide:

>> 99+% UV block limits fading and damage from the sun
>> High level of heat rejection saves costs associated with building cooling
>> Excellent solar heat and glare rejection for enhanced comfort
>> Works immediately – no waiting to enjoy return on investment
>> Bold appearance upgrades building exterior and maintains daytime privacy
>> Excellent hazard protection


Avery Dennison’s reflective range of interior window films by Avery Dennison provides a strong visual statement that delivers outstanding energy efficiency, comfort and value. By rejecting excess solar radiation, R Silver, R Silver Low E and R Silver Safety interior window films cut heat buildup entering through windows which means cooler, more enjoyable building interiors and reduced costs for cooling.

Avery Dennison’s Reflective interior films are popular for commercial projects thanks to their exceptional appearance,effective heat rejection, and impressive return on investment.