DS Bronze X

DS Bronze X exterior design window film casts a warm coppery glow that complements natural surroundings, yet adds sophistication. DS Bronze X combines high heat reduction with a proportionally higher percentage of natural light than many other reflective films, making it an attractive choice for both residential and commercial projects. DS Bronze X is available in 20% VLT.


Features and Benefits

>> Heat rejection for enhanced comfort and reduced cooling costs
>> Reflective properties of DS Bronze X protects interiors by reducing the harmful effects of the sun
>> 99+% UV block reduces fading and damage from the sun
>> Bold Makeover in strong colors for a dramatic exterior building appearance
>> Daytime Privacy


Avery Dennison Design Exterior window films combine exceptional solar protection with a bold appearance. Compatible with almost all glass glazing types Avery Dennison Design Exterior window films are a great solution for commercial projects with a focus on achieving a strong visual statement.

Design Exterior window films provide convenient, non-disruptive, exterior installation.