DR Grey XTRM for exterior installation on most glass glazing systems, enhances the energy efficiency performance of windows and updates a building’s appearance. The film’s clean, silver, reflective exterior and low reflective interior provide the ideal solution for energy efficiency, interior comfort and great looks. DR Grey XTRM is available in 10, 20 and 35.


Features and Benefits

>> 99+% UV block reduces fading and damage from the sun
>> Excellent level of heat rejection saves costs associated with building cooling
>> Outstanding glare control for enhanced comfort >> Warm neutral interior with low reflectivity preserves ambiance and views
>> Bold appearance updates building exterior and maintains daytime privacy


Avery Dennison’s Dual Reflective exterior film lines – DR Grey X and DR Grey XTRM – combine a silver reflective outer layer that improves comfort by reducing glare and solar heat from penetrating the window; with a stylish neutral grey, low reflective inner layer that preserves the view outside. Dual Reflective film 10% versions demonstrate outstanding solar protection and heat reducing performance delivering exceptional comfort. All Dual Reflective films provide excellent levels of solar heat reduction and update the external appearance of windows, giving buildings a renewed and clean look.

Dual Reflective Exterior window films are a non-disruptive solution particularly attractive to commercial projects when customers are interested in a convenient, and cost saving approach to modernizing a building’s exterior appearance while maintaining a neutral interior and views outside.