Clear Poly X

Clear Poly X exterior window film is engineered for application on most rigid plastic substrates and delivers anti-graffiti protection, with an easy wipe-clean surface, and thick construction to protect from gouging and acid attacks. Removing and replacing scratched or scuffed Clear Poly X film is simple – any adhesive residue rubs off without damaging the exposed plastic window pane. Recommended for exterior use on bus shelters, safety guards, stadiums or acoustic barriers. Avery Dennison’s Clear Poly X exterior window films are available in thicknesses 4 and 6 mil to provide the required protection.


Clear Poly X Exterior Window Film Products provide:

>> Compatibility with most rigid plastic substrates
>> Increased protection from glass shattered by impact, blast, crime or natural disaster
>> Superb optical clarity for no compromise vision >> 99% UV block to reduce fading and sun damage


Avery Dennison has over two decades of experience in developing and manufacturing multi-laminate safety, security and antigraffiti window films, designed to protect people and property against a wide variety of threats as well as the window itself from vandalism. Exterior protection of glass and rigid plastic window systems is particularly relevant in the public domain such as bus shelters, subways, buses, trains stadiums, commercial buildings and institutions.

Avery Dennison’s anti-graffiti, sacrificial films provide a cost effective and convenient method for protecting glass and plastic windows against vandalism and damage.

All of Avery Dennison exterior window films provide excellent UV block, protecting people and property from damaging ultraviolet rays.