Etchmark | Interior

Avery​ ​Dennison​®​ ​ Etchmark Film

UC 900-861-W Etchmark (Ultimate Cast Vinyl)


  • Avery Dennison Etchmark is designed to create the image of frosted decorations on glass without the use or extra cost of etching chemicals , or sand blasting and is also suitable for functional and manifestation graphics. Avery Dennison Etchmark can be applied to flat surfaces and produces best results when applied to transparent substrates such as glass, acrylic sheeting, and polycarbonate.



  • Brilliant visual acid etched effect
  • Excellent conversion properties on computerised cutters
  • Easy cutting and weeding
  • Outstanding durability and outdoor life
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Excellent UV, temperature, humidity and salt-spray resistance
  • Excellent adhesion


✔︎ Flat bed cutters
✔︎ Friction fed cutters 
✔︎ Friction fed cutters
Die cutting 
Screen printing 
Cold overlaminating  
Estat printing  
Water based inkjet 
Solvent inkjet 
UV Cured inkjet 

DS Specialty | Interior

DS Matte i

DS Matte i interior window film gives a translucent sandblasted effect, adding privacy or designer elegance to doors, windows and room dividers in offices or commercial projects. DS Matte i is available in 2 mil thickness.

DS Black i / White i

DS Black i and DS White i interior privacy window films are ideal for hiding unattractive views or for disguising features that spoil the external appearance of glass-fronted buildings.

DS UV Filter i

DS UV Filter i achieves complete transparency, almost undetectable to the eye, however provides high UV protection, comfort and protects interior spaces.


DS Matte i, DS Black i & DS White i

>> Graphic interest attractive way to insert aesthetics and branding
>> Glass visibility see glass in an interior space
>> Privacy insert privacy to building spaces
>> Camouflage hide unattractive features
>> Diffused light enjoy soft light
>> Cost-effective alternative to sandblasting

DS UV Filter i

>> High visible light transmission that is barely discernible on glass; high levels of natural daylight
>> Low reflectivity preserves views night and day
>> 99+% UV block reduces fading and damage from the sun
>> Natural appearance maintains building’s original façade


Avery Dennison’s Design interior window films are ideal for enhancing the functionality and appearance of glass. Design interior window films provide UV protection, privacy; can be used to delineate space, disguise unattractive features; or provide graphic impact, graphic accents; company logos and icons can all be created easily on Design interior window films.

Interior Design window films are a great way to enhance functionality through interior design.

DS Print SR i | Interior

DS Print SR i

DS Print SR i interior window film is engineered for UV wide format inkjet printers. This optically clear PET-based film with scratch resistant coating with ultraviolet block, delivers vivid graphics suitable for large scale branding and decorative interior design. DS Print SR i is available in 2 and 4 mil thicknesses.


Features and Benefits

>> High visible light transmission permitting high levels of natural daylight
>> Transforms any glazing
>> Universal adhesion compatible with most glass and rigid plastic substrates
>> Outstanding print resolution and ink anchorage
>> 90% UV block limits fading and damage from the sun
>> Excellent optical clarity
>> Quick-dry print processing
>> Exceptional ink adhesion, ideal for multi-pass, multi-layer printing
>> Removable adhesive for easy installation and residue-free removal
>> Highly durable and cleanable
>> Liner printed with footage remaining indicator on roll
>> Available in 72” & 62” width x 150’ rolls


Avery Dennison’s DS Print SR interior window films with Scratch Resistant coating are an ideal and durable solution for decorative designs on interior glass. Providing scratch-free handling during printing, installation and maintenance, DS Print SR films also have excellent ink anchorage for prolonged print quality. The universal, removable adhesive system allows for installation on both glass and most rigid plastic substrates. The added ultraviolet protection blocks 90% of harmful UV rays.

DS Print SR is architectural-grade printable film which delivers crisp, high-definition images, and offers limitless interior design flexibility and privacy on interior windows.